Support [email protected]:
As you are well aware, [email protected] is not-for-profit. We serve as a hub for all MLP fans to join together and advance the progress of distributed computing projects. However, because we are merely ad-funded, we require all the support we can get to sustain ourselves, and host competitions with such popular major prizes. If you would like to donate any amount of money to us via PayPal or Bitcoin, please click the appropriate donate button below. Please message hiigaran if you'd like the money to be used for a specific purpose, otherwise it will be used on a combination of server costs, prizes for contests, and any development costs for the site and its services. Thank you!




The following list serves to provide credit to those people or groups who have donated anything of financial value, be it games, merchandise, or simply cash. In alphabetical order:

  • A.M: $175 donation (No idea who this person is. Using their initials for privacy. Contact me if this is you)
  • BaconCat/#brony IRC
  • Chief_Tyrol: 1x Steam game
  • CrazedGeek
  • Enginemaniac: Contribution to video card prize
  • feld0: Multiple MLP Forums items
  • Fir3Chi3f: Contribution to video card prize
  • Flaxative: 1x Steam game
  • GeekyLizard: $10 donation
  • GeminiShadows: 1x OC art
  • GhostWolf
  • gildedkitten: 4x Steam games
  • KarasuNezumi: 1x plushie
  • Labrat: $10 donation
  • Naga
  • nekomatafuyu: 1x etched rocks glass
  • RoBorg: $40 donation
  • Schwabanator
  • shadowbolt82: 2x $50 Amazon gift certificate
  • ShadowOfDeath: Too many to list
  • Spazturtle: 1x Steam game, 2x Steam game bundles
  • squeesha: 1x plushie
  • StaCT13
  • SubjectNumber2394: 1x art comission
  • SXRXE: $25 donation
  • Talifan9: $25 Donation
  • Tich: 5x Steam games
  • Tiwake: Too many to list
  • Tux2 and his Minecraft Server
  • Whatsapokemon: 1x art comission
  • Zuckerschnuti: 2x plushies

Feel free to send hiigaran a PM, if any information above is incorrect.