A single human cell contains approximately 2 meters of DNA.

Big princess dump
Whooaahh!..I was having trouble downloading a new protein for GPU , trying to get anouther 30000 brony points I kept clicking on fold wondering 'gee..what gives..work server must be down again' . Then I swear I could hear Celestias voice "Open wide, this is a big one my little subject" This huge protein came right from Celestia's sweet royal sun kissed cheeks and its going to take me 7 hours to chew through. I hope my computer can can swallow it all. big_princess_dump. FOR THE CAUSE *gulp  mmmpphh..ulp*
YEAHH! This is my awesome signature!. With all kinds of Brony stats and rankings , cool pics of colorful ponies and princesses all updated to the minute so suck it down. WOOT!!
I'm scared... Raritydespair
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Risky click of the day...
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