Brony@Home Sub-Team Stats

Brony@Home Sub-Team Stats
The tables below show statistics for Folding@Home sub-teams, where Brony@Home members are grouped together by the community they are in. If you wish to create a team, be sure to contact us.

The sub-team leaderboard shows the combined statistics of each sub-team, ranked against each other, and displays how many members in each team. The individual sub-team tables indicate the statistics of each user; their name, their points, their average daily production, and how many work units they have completed.
If you wish to join one of the existing teams, add your user ID and select a team in the form provided. Your user ID will be found in the Brony@Home user list via Extreme Overclocking. Find your username, go to your stats page, and type in the numbers found at the end of the URL. If you do not find your name on the list, you are either new and will need to wait until you have finished your first work unit, or you have not added the Brony@Home team number (212997) to your settings. If you still have issues, ask in our forums, or IRC channel.

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